Friday, May 20, 2005

Poo-ey cat

Kiki in a T-shirt
Originally uploaded by gnatthebrat.
Warning: This is gross. Do not read while eating.

So one Sunday Kiki hung around outside (strung on the clothesline) and happily are grass for a while.

The next Wednesday, after he didn't poo on Tuesday, I shoved in the litter box (on top of the toilet). He peed, and he "pooed" - I wasn't watching him, and then all of a sudden there he is shuffling his ass along the floor. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I run over and grab him and comb a poo out of his fur and he protests and I realize there's a stringer still partly in his ass, but he's going to lick himself so I leave him to it while I get rid of the poo I'm holding and clean the litter box. Then of course I notice that the stringer must be the same stringy stuff in the poo - 3 day old partially digested grass. It still looks like grass - long and bladed and grass-like - how can this be? Did he just gag down full blades of grass? 10 minutes later, Kiki's back in the litter box and poos out another blob of grass. At this point I'm thinking - isn't grass supposed to de-constipate cats??? Isn't that why they sell "cat grass" (highly overpriced miniature boxes of lawn)? And also these little grass-poo logs are barely enough to constitute 2 days worth of constipation - which can only mean that there's still more in him! Kiki made a 3rd visit to the litter box maybe 5 minutes after I cleaned it out the 2nd time, and finally relieved himself of what Todd would call a human-sized log - that thankfully was grass-free.

In conclusion:
1) I couldn't eat breakfast
2) I wasted a lot of water by flushing the toilet repeatedly
3) Kiki should never be allowed to eat grass again unless it's chopped up first
4) Nothing relieves that cat of constipation
5) Partially digested poo-grass is really really gross
6) Who can stay mad at a kitty who looks so hilarious in a T-shirt???