Sunday, August 27, 2006

MRI fun

I recently had an MRI done of my neck to try an locate the source of the tingling and numbness in my shoulder/arm. I thought the pictures were sooooooooo cool looking that I asked the MRI nurse if I could have one to keep. Unfortunately the MRI film doesn't scan as well as one might want - but you get the idea.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sweater. Finished.

I actually finished this upon my return from Calgary. But yesterday, in an effort to clean up stuff that was just lying around I finally took a picture (with much effort) of myself in it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Read the sticker on the lower bar of this bike.

A Post For Kilometres

This is San Luis' "Bubblegum Alley".
I held back vomit to take these photos for you, Kilometres.

A Photo for Lulu

The Canadian in California Celebrates 1 Year!

Morro Rock - a volcanic plug (geology tutorial for Kilometres!) on the coast.

Can you spot the otter?

Irish Girl and I on the rocks.

Pi and Irish Girl helped me celebrate my "anniversary" by giving me the tour.

Pelis! I wished their beak pouches were filled with fish, but they weren't.

Having been in Bake-town for a year, it was time to head to the Coast finally. Not that I haven't been, technically - the OC and Manhattan Beach - but not "my" coast. Not the Coast directly West of me. That Coast would be Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Now I understand the purpose of "pawsense"

And what is "pawsense" exactly? A software program designed to detect "cat-like typing" and protect your files...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Instant Flip Flops

I whipped these up this afternoon. Soles are a little too soft - need to work on that (but comfy!). I used quilt batting, cork and leather, and may need to invest in this magic little item that keeps the midsole of the shoe stiff for future endeavours. These little suckers you could sew up out of just about anything... just made a skirt or dress? Need shoes to match? Have a little leftover fabric? Done and done. I think I might be high on contact cement fumes... wheeeeee! Note to self: must buy sewing machine needles that can handle leather. Note to self: leaving notes to self on blog may be mark of insanity.


Starting the new school year off right, as is my own personal tradition, I completely rearranged my living space. Since parties that mainly take place in the kitchen seem to be my norm, I decided that comfy seating that was in the proximity of the kitchen was the way to go. Now my back hurts.

Mad Creativeness or Creative Madness?

I found on knitty this pattern for knitting sandals. I thought it was great, and definitely worth a try (with modifications of course...)

So here they are, I used hand-dyed natural yarn, so they are not even remotely the same colour, but they are great house/patio slippers - especially since I glued (contact cement) and sewed on a cork and leather sole.

The pattern is remarkably simple, I've already knit up a cabled top, and I've decided that making these out of canvas or leather would be significantly more practical. There is something to be said for the knitted insole though - COMFY!

I also decided that I was sick and tired of having tiger-print fleece draped over my couch. So... I sewed it into a slipcover. This is my first attempt at a slipcover, and I believe I have Kep to thank (see Kilometres for reference) for the upholstering experience. Using the old "drape, cut, pin and sew" method, the fit is perfect. However, the tiger-print insanity is a little much, even for me. And so... I drape across the back of it a brown fun-fur blanket to tone it down - HA! You can see that in the picture from my rearranged living space.

You can also see in the rearranging picture my nearly finished sweater (among other things) that would never have gotten finished if Make 1 in Calgary hadn't happened to have a couple balls of Bali in brown for me - since it was non existant EVERYWHERE else, including the internet. Oh beloved internet, this is the first time you have let me down! Of course, it was partially my fault for deciding to knit it with this yarn even though the Bake-town yarn store clearly didn't have enough in stock. Granted I can also blame the makers of the yarn for this crazy need to make seasonal colours. AND for being in Europe so that it's carried virtually nowhere. Well, I think that's enough pointless rambling for now.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More reunions... then sad departures...

Sushi dinner with Jumpmaster, BEG, and BEG's friend "tries to fit giant sushi roll in mouth" (TTFGSRIM).

Eric squared. People encountered at Calgary's answer to the Grad Club. Naturally they were found by the Fly Fisherman.

A long awaited reunion with the Fly Fisherman and Jumpmaster.

All of us at Calgary's "Grad Club"

A fairly standard pose for the Fly Fisherman.

The Visa renewal process went well too. I had all my documentation like last year, and copies, and originals, all neatly organized etc. The customs officer only wanted to see my masters degree. Made it simpler, but the 1/2 cm thick pile of documentation and effort felt a little wasted...
So, I got through check in (desperately having to pee due to the coffee I had while waiting and the lack of bathrooms available before check in) and ran off to the next stage. It turned out that was customs, no bathrooms in site. So I got through customs and was sent to the "secondary holding room" (seriously, that's what it was called and if I didn't have to pee so bad AND didn't want to get in trouble, I would've photographed the room sign). There I waited until I was seen by a customs officer to do the Visa thing. We chatted, she looked at my masters, dismissed the rest of the documentation, and asked if I had US cash or checks with me. Of course I didn't. Last time I paid with credit card. You can't do that at the airport.
So she sent me back through customs, backwards, to go but US cash from the currency exchange booth. The currency exchange booth would not allow me to buy US cash with a US debit or credit card. So they sent me back through customs (forwards) to my belongings to find my Canada wallet. Then I went back through customs, backwards, to the currency exchange booth to buy US cash. The debit machine was not functioning properly. I really really really had to pee. The currency exchange lady unplugged and restarted everything, and we got going. Then I went back through customs AGAIN (forwards) and back over to the secondary holding room with money in hand. I exchanged it for a new Visa and sprinted to the bathroom. Whew!

Sites in Cow-town

The most hilarious clogs I've ever seen...

Lawn bowling. I don't know what it is about the hats and the all white, but I enjoy watching it!

A fun street artist who we chatted with. Interesting and intelligent too!

House Rules at the Hop In Brew, Calgary's answer to the Grad Club. I enjoy #s 7, 48, 49, 63, 68, 70 and in sequence: 1, 14, 15

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hiking in K-Country

Clo's friend, The Shaw (having just finished a 75K with 750m climb bike ride) joined us for a hike in Kananaskis.

Our "final" (mid-point) destination lake - Lillian.

Trees, glorious trees.

Lillian lake, though icy cold and slimy-bottomed, was a most pleasing green colour. Well, pleasing to look at, not pleasing to consider drinking. And drinking it I would have done, had it been more inviting, since a giant bee flew into my water and died and bee-d it up, and, in a fit of "what the heck?", I not only dumped the water to get rid of the bee, but also neglected to photograph it.

Us gals at one of the first bridges. Great rock wall behind us!

BEG and I at our lunch spot/half-way destination... standard pose for me of course, stuffing my pie-hole with... well... not pie

BEG, considering a swim at our destination lake, dips a hand in the icy glacial water.

Our hike, selected entirely because of the 10 bridges we had to cross, offered many pretty rushing river views.

The limestone mountains of Kananaskis. Grey, but loaded with bedding planes!

Reunions abound!

The 2nd half of my trip to Cow-town is spent visiting more gals from Queen's grad. Introducing (FINALLY!) to my blog are Clo, enjoying the fondu portion of our classy French dinner of cheese and fruit - and Brown-eyed girl (BEG from Kilometre's blog) enjoying the wine portion of our "classy" French dinner...

Salsa-kitty and me reunited!

Salsa-kitty also received a mousie from me. Orange to match her. She felt the need to lick it to death. Such a cute little kitty she is!

Happy Birthday!

A long tall drink of something fuzzy and pink.

The girls and BBQ chef relax around the dining table.

Jojo and I take our obligatory reunion photo!

Ever seen a light-up ice cube?

Kitchens are always the place for the party!

Missy enjoys her present - a knitted mousie.

Appropriate ice cube for a girl party!

Ridiculous balloons - devil cats I call 'em.

Frighteningly appropriate birthday cake!

Sky machine is something else I have never heard of, but made a fun giftie!