Monday, December 10, 2012

Thanksgiving in Virginia

I traveled out to Virginia for American Thanksgiving this year. Besides the standard copious amounts of eating, we spent the days exploring neat sites and camping in much-colder-than-I-anticipated weather.

It's like a Waffle House... only omelets!
With an omelet guy mascot!!!

The famous old Humpback Bridge, this permutation was built in 1857. From this distance you can see the humpback, the covered-ness, and the general pretty scene - without all the graffiti.

We went and warmed up in the Jefferson Pools, which were not built by Jefferson - simply named in his honour. It was extremely enjoyable indeed!

We camped and dug up loads of goodies in Fairy Stone State Park - but I don't have any photos of that experience because a) I was busy collecting staurolite crystals and b) my hands were too cold to operate a camera because they were were exposed to the elements in order to collect staurolite crystals.

Jarfly enjoying a fur-cicle while camping. Mmmmmm.

And we also visited the awe-inspiring Falling Spring - which here looks like it really just drops off into space.

It's a spectacular tumble of cold spring and travertine deposits making creepy rock textures, pools and falls. The mosses just make it all the more fantastical.