Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the derby

We've had a couple of bouts so far this season and have a tournament this weekend too. Meanwhile, I finally have some photos to provide evidence of my actual participation...

Against Santa Cruz - I managed to sneak through the pack and get lead jammer status a couple of times. Here's a sneak move, and no, I'm not hauling that girl back by her shirt! I don't know what's going on there.

That ref hand signal means "lead jammer", all that power and glory didn't make me any less tired though!

Against Angel City (LA) we had a super tight game that occurred only because of a major come back. The game finished 100-98, you can see the score here. Yikes! I also picked this photo because that's me over on the edge there bumping their jammer out of bounds.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


It seems a while since I posted - but coming up soon are our first roller derby bout of the season (tomorrow!) and my first field trip of the semester (next Friday) so I'm sure I'll have a story or two then. In the meantime...

This is a little 4 week old Sulcata tortoise who came to visit my lab (one of my students is raising her for a breeding program) - so cute!

Kiki continues on his quests for food thievery, and not only stole my frozen bagel that was on the counter thawing, but also managed to consume nearly a quarter of it. Grrr.

Loki continues to be a character, and I caught him watching Cold Case a week or so ago.

This is a character that I introduced to my class last year, and I intend to keep him coming back for more cameos. Cockroaches with laser helmets will inherit the earth... probably...

It *almost* snowed *in* Bakersfield! I drove around last Sunday trying to find the best view of *our* snow - this was pretty much it. I wanted to not cheat by leaving the city and still find a snow photo; as a Canadian, I just don't think this counts.