Sunday, February 26, 2012


We went on a local field trip to check out the East Cache Fault, it's right at the mountain front, but when you're on it (on the golf course) it's pretty subtle. I took the liberty of labeling it clearly.

I also tried to capture it in panorama looking north from south of the golf course. Mostly I took the photos to try out a function in photoshop that I had just learned about: photomerge. If you've not discovered it, it's under "file" and "automate" and "photomerge". Then you just select your photos and photoshop totally figures out how to connect them for you, seamlessly. Pretty damn cool.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Niter Ice "Caves"

This weekend I went on a geology field trip to the Niter Ice Caves, which is a really odd name for this (singular) lava tube. There was, however, ice in it. In the form of super cool looking ice stalagmites! They were way too much fun, I kinda wish I could have a "garden" like this of my own to wander though. Talk about a wonderland.

Of course, some idiots have to ruin every geological wonder out there, and just about every wall in the entire 1/2 mile long lava tube was covered in stupid graffiti.

On the drive after the lava tube we spotted this pipe that was leaking off the side of the road. This produced more ice wonders of a completely different, and equally delightful, nature. I suppose something will have to be done about this pipe, but meanwhile it is gorgeous!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

shoplifting dog

Sometime before the fish incident, there was a bread incident, that might have gone something like this...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

dog again

After the last cartoon, I was asked to continue and make a Quincy's Adventures series. Several weeks ago she was returned to our door by the husband of one of my geology PhD mates. What actually happened between escape and return by good samaritan remains a mystery, however the reek she brought back with her made me imagine this scenario (as doubtful as it may be in Logan, Utah in January...)