Thursday, August 21, 2008

Screw you Concrete Canoe, we have DUCK TAPE (yes, "duck")

As an orientation/introduction to engineering, we took our freshmen (who responded to the letters that were sent out) in for a week of math, assessment, and ... building boats out of cardboard and duct tape. They had unlimited cardboard, but only 500 ft of duct tape, despite my efforts to not get "duck tape", we ended up having to cave on account of the expense of 500 ft of the stuff per team. The students were only allotted 2 2-hr sessions to build their craft amongst the other activities of the week. Today was the grand finale, the race across the pool.

Measure twice cut once. Or if you accidentally measure wrong and cut twice - we have duct tape.

The cardboard kayak that would become the duct tape Mako shark.

"We're going to float all four of us in this."

...and the races begin...

and hilarity ensued!!!

And the local news covered it... I managed to hide from the camera quite well.

Mt. Whitney - additional photos

Now that I have acquired the photos from my hiking companions I have a couple of additional shots from the killer day hike to share with everyone.

Everything had to be packed out. I think my expression translates to "der?" or something along those lines. That loosely translates to "I have to poo in what?".

Here I'm pretending that we don't still have 57 switchbacks to ascend. Great view behind us though!

At this point it seemed we had less than 1000 ft to climb. Unfortunately, immediately after this point we descended 700 or so ft and then started to climb again. It was the second encounter of 13 600 ft that brought on my rage with the mountain...

Made it! Whew!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mt Whitney

Mt Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 states, was calling out to be climbed this summer. I'm not sure why I answered that call, but despite a total lack of acclimatization and an ear infection (and antibiotic-induced digestive issues), I made it. There was a marmot on top to greet me. And six different survey markers.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

oh, California

Well Chino Hills, in the LA area, just had a magnitude 5.4 quake, which is moderate by geology standards. It was also shallow by geology standards at 8.5 miles. My corner liquor shop/post office apparently now carries the following product: