Friday, January 16, 2009

More Snowshoeing

To begin 2009 right, I went with Trukee friends to their cabin for some snowshoeing and Donner Party BBQ sauce.

The statue at Donner Park - the snow was up to their feet (the feet of the statues that is) at the time the Donner Party was stuck up there at Donner Pass.

It started as a gorgeous day for snowshoeing, and FlyBoy and I tested the hill-climbing capabilities of our shoes by scrambling up some short, but nearly impossible inclines.

Then, as a storm approached, we reached this pond for a spectacular view of the mountains (Sugarbowl?), clouds, and my frightening "fashion sense" - I'm not sure how else to refer to my outfit there...

Later that week we approached a sea of Elvi at Mt Rose - and giggled ourselves silly.

After soaking in our fill of Elvi, we went for a jaunt near Lake Tahoe - and while it was flat, the 8600 ft elevation was surprisingly breathtaking. Hmmm... worth jumping anyway though!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ski in the new year

On January 1st I was invited for a 10 mile loop back country ski excursion in Sequoia National Forest. Not having done anything like this since grad school's Wednesday afternoon triathlon training (skiing) at Little Cataraqui Creek, I figured I was up for the challenge. It was a blast! Too hot within the first 10 minutes, many of us had to strip down to our long johns for the day - but the scenery was outstanding and there was almost no one out where we were at all. At the end of the day, exhausted and starving, we stopped at Bear Mountain Pizza in Squaw Valley and stuffed ourselves silly. Delicious.