Monday, October 29, 2012

a lovely visit from the parents

My parents drove some 3000+ kilometres to come visit and bring me the old gas stove they brought with them from England when we moved in late 1988. Instead of it being a squirrel nest in their basement, I thought it would be put to good use in my kitchen...

While they were here, we went on a nice hike to Wind Caves, they came and watched derby, and we also explored the Ogden hot springs.

 vista from the wind caves hike, "China Wall" on the left.

pretty little rest spot on the hike

 dad taking a photo of me from one side of a wind cave while I take a photo of him

gorgeous vista from the hike with dad's hat for "whimsy" or "cheese" depending on your point of view...

tub at Ogden hot springs

riverside tubs at Ogden hot springs