Friday, September 21, 2007

no mammoths

I went with a new geology acquaintance out to McKittrick, an oil town in the middle of the central Valley, and peered into the bubbling tar seeps by the side of the road. This will definitely be a good place for a field trip!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

spinning yarn(s)

My latest thing... completely mindless on a drop spindle, is spinning rather chunky yarn. So far I have 1 skein 2-ply hand spun yarn, and 1 (and some remaining violet) ball(s) of 1-ply merino, and 4 more balls of "roving" (even though this amounts to an odd number, I have a feeling that the yarns' yardages will balance out). This is apparently the only activity that my overloaded brain can handle after work. Unfortunately I must also decide which colours to ply together to make 2-ply wool for knitting with. I am now officially taking suggestions. (The colours are: green (spun), violet (spun & unspun), orange, very dark green, and fluorescent pink.)