Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One week later.

Today is Tuesday. Taco Tuesday, if you will. If Kiki was allowed to eat tacos, he would've LOVED them. Not just the taco meat, which is obvious, but also the cheese and sour cream, and guacamole too since the weirdo liked avocado... so, in honor of Kiki and taco Tuesday, here's an early photo of Kiki from when I first rescued his little kitten friend Loki, and a video (thanks Brock) of a happy Kiki being petted by Mazzy back in Bakersfield.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goodbye to Kiki

Back in the summer of 2002 I went to the Kingston Humane Society with my roommate at the time, Joanne, to adopt a short haired cat. A mangy looking orange thing picked me through the bars, and Joanne insisted that I bring that one home. The Humane Society identified him as a "domestic short hair". About a month or so later, ear mites, parasites, and other ailments gone, his fur grew in and it became obvious that this was no short haired cat.

This was a food-stealing, long-haired, attention craving, loving ball of fur, a dog in a cat suit, who accompanied me at 4 different homes in Kingston, my parents home in Barrie, a ski trip to Val David in Quebec, a cross-country week long driving move to California, 6 years in Bakersfield, and another move to Utah with a stopover in the mountain wilderness of the Sierra Nevada.

I named this blog for Kiki. I was attempting to toilet train him when I started blogging. The toilet training was a failure, probably due to the cat-falling-in-the-toilet incident...

Kiki's tolerant nature and role as entertainer, comforter, and allergen will all be missed terribly.

No one has any idea how poor, stupid, Loki will survive this loss.

Sad days around here for sure.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Visit from Sister

Lulu came out to visit, and building on the theme of weird California, I immediately took her out to see the "Metaphor: Tree of Utah" that Utah is not famous for.


Then we drove a little further along to the Bonneville Speedway.

It was a lake, thus we could set no land speed records.

Since it's winter, we went cross country skiing a couple of times. The first of these times it was too warm to ski... so instead I accumulated huge wads of snow above and below my skis and plodded along awkwardly on ski-stilts.

Lulu did enjoy that we got to ski into Idaho though.

Conveniently there was a derby scrimmage on this weekend as well, so some watching of derby got to happen for Lulu as well. Here Roll X and I are doing something useful AND the photo isn't blurry. Success!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Rockets are cool. Science is fun...

I'd rather watch NASA launch a new LandSat than work on edits any day.

Then, while I'm watching said launch on my computer, I take a bunch of screen captures. Then I compile them. Then I post the compilation on my blog:

So, if you missed it. This gives you a bit of a play-by-play.