Tuesday, January 12, 2010

manipulating the magnetic pole??? nice!!!

Well, a new semester begins, and with it comes a brand new challenge: cleaning up the lab room of the oddities that it has acquired over the last 50 years in order to create a semblance of order and make room for students, new lab materials, etc.

Today one of my faithful geo student helpers found this Life Magazine article from 1952 about the moving rocks in Death Valley. Pay attention to the middle column, it's brilliant.

Meanwhile the 2nd page of the article was also pretty entertaining, but admittedly the rock tied down with a peg and string was nothing to the high-waist tighty-whitey themed ad next to it.

The pages were torn and taped and I had to creatively scan it in bits and pieces, but hopefully all the goodness comes through!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Semester Begins

Part of what we have to do at work is assess "SLOs" (student learning outcomes) every semester. I was a little slow in bothering to tally my pre and post semester assessment quizzes, and literally just got around to it now when I remembered that I had to create a new set for my new class starting next week...

Anyway, see if you can find what's wrong with this picture...