Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Ultra Lounge: A fab-forties retro cocktail party

It all started when Texas-gal and I discovered that we shared the dreaded x-mas birthday. It was then decided that a post-birthday celebration was in order. Bug-guy happened to be there when this was decided, and immediately offered his abode. Rapidly plans came together, including the most important, and terribly fun theme - as stated above. Kilometers, I am hereby stealing your "no true names" blogging theme.

A blast from the past

EMTim and Texas-gal travel back in time to enjoy a not-so-classic martini.

Posing early in the night...

We: me, E-marathoner, Anthro-girl and Texas-gal, pose before the guests arrive - cheersing our mad decorating and food-preparation skillz.

3 hot chicks

Anthro-girl, Bio-babe and I hang by the food table.

Hot Hands

...socializing with our other fiery guest... neither of whom are abiding by our costume rule!


The ever enthusaistic bartender extraordinaire!

Hors d'Oeuvres

The ultra-lounge food included finger foods only (as per my dictatorship at party command central), such as smoked salmon sandwiches, finger sandwiches, crudites and dip, divine cheescake bites, radish-mice (I bet you can't guess who was responsible for those), fondu (cheese and chocolate), and various other goodies. Not to mention the extensive bar. I think the bar table speaks for itself...

Ultra-Lounge Decor

Many of us pitched in to the decor to create the "genuine" lounge atmosphere that would be true to Bake-town in the late 40's (or so we perceive). Anthro-girl chiefed the decor committee, and I headed up the random-drawing part of it. The other active deocrators included Texas-gal, E-Marathoner, Bug-Guy and Hot Hands.

Free Couch!

Completing my living room, I inherited a couch from a friend's neighbour, which is just super! Even thought the colours in the plaid of the couch went perfectly with my living room decor (which is every colour, in case you didn't notice) I kept the tiger-print fleece from the lounge party and used it to fab up the couch a tad. Also in this photo, an extremely NOT free new item - a not-antique road bike that I recently purchased. All this time I never felt as though there was a problem with Apollo (sure, the chain fell off fairly regularly and it made a weird grinding noise...) but getting on Vent Noir (which I affectionately call Dionysus, to keep up the Greek God theme) and riding around, the difference was really, well, incomparable.

Monday, January 09, 2006

"Real" furniture at last!

Since a bed doesn't really count as it is a necessity, my living room chair is my first official "frivolous" item purchased. Kiki has taken to it already - but it's quite nice how he blends in with it!

1st pointless knitting project of the New Year

This is supposed to be a rather fat kitty in some sort of uni-suit. I made several alterations from the original pattern, including adding a tail and whiskers - seriously, when I finished it looked like an Ewok or something. Changes had to take place! Next up? Knitted tea-set, perhaps?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How time flies

I think photo accurately portrays the speed at which, as well as the complete and utter grey dreariness in which my holidays passed. I can't believe I'm back at work again shortly and I still haven't done a damn thing about my crappy syllabus.

What is THIS?

This, and several others like it, were found by my mom in the P.E. closet at her old school. My dad used them as firewood, but not before I photographed one and we all had our turn at guessing their potential use, as they had obviously been hand made and hand drilled with care. They were numbered and clearly part of a set...