Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knitting, knitting, everywhere (part 1)

While "on strike" over the weekend I left the stack of midterms alone and got out a gigantic pair of needles for therapy.
Inspired by super awesome (and gigantic) yarn (above in my colour of choice): Rowan "biggie print", and a cardigan sweater I got on BEG's behalf before xmas - I got started on knitting up a jacket for myself. At this stage it's almost done, but I need another ball of yarn to finish the edging. So as a teaser, I'm starting with this post, and when I finish the jacket I'll post a photo... and maybe my pattern too!!!


Dawn said...

ooohh! I still love that sweater and wear it all the time - except I wish that it was soft so that I could wear a tank top underneath instead of a long sleeve.

gnat said...

this one is 100% wool... so it's a little on the scratchy side. it's finished, I just need to undo some and rework the finished edge a litte... also edit the pattern!!!