Tuesday, August 14, 2007

San Francisco

Prior to venturing into Yosemite for some camping, BEG and I walked the streets of S.F. for several hours to get a taste of the city.

We noted several things:

  • Garage doors on hills have little triangular attachments so that they close flush to the ground.

  • People are very friendly. (We scored great directions, free Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, free wine, and free dessert)

  • Fire alarms are huge.

  • It's incredibly foggy most of the time.

  • Twisty trees are fun, and excellent for giving feet a break after 5 or so hours of walking. (Wine is also good for this, especially free wine)

  • Children are in charge.

  • Tourists are incredibly annoying (not us of course).

  • They use CFLs.

  • I'm famous.

  • There are lots of "smell pockets", especially on Mission.

  • Cats are big enough to ride.


Kilometres said...

I like that the cat sculpture have no faces. Also, CFL's all the way!!

Oh, and the tree photos are fantastic. What are your shoes? They look very fun.

gnat said...

they are fun, until you get dirt in them and get dirt blisters. then you are forced to buy another pair of flip flops...

TheresaJ said...

Hi Gnat,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and "signing" my autograph book... but you should have left a pic from your shop.

Love your cat toys, and you have a great blog as well.

I grew up in SF, by the way, and now live in Brisbane (right next to it, near the Cow Palace and Candlestick Park). Anyway, I don't get the fog on this side, nor where I grew up in SF (Bernal Heights). Unfortunately, our foggy season is the summer, when most are visiting. If you want to catch lots of sunshine, try visiting in the spring or September/early October, which is when we have our "Indian summer."

In any case, sounds like you had a lovely trip, and I loved reading your highlights and insights about my favorite city.

Good luck with your shop and your blog.