Sunday, October 21, 2007


For the last three weeks I've been buying my veggies through "abundant harvest organics". This is a local consortium of farmers who grow organically HERE (you might remember a post where I photographed a cucumber labeled "product of Canada" and was highly irritated).

They assemble boxes of seasonal produce, and sometimes extras, and every Saturday morning you go and collect your box from a park. Yes, this is very much like a farmer's market - only it's not laid out with all the vendors and you don't get to choose. You do get to choose if you get a small box or a big box (I get a small box, seen below, for $16.80/week). I've done some math and have concluded that this is actually cheaper than buying the same produce at the store.

Anyway, I have not been much one for farmer's markets lately, being as I hate crowds, I have a hard time making decisions about what foods to get and always get the same, and I just don't have enough time on a weekly basis! Below is yesterday's box. It comes with a flyer that tells us which farmer grew which food item. :)

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