Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kilometers and Pearl come to visit! (Nov. 8)

In one lengthy day we had a luxurious omeletey breakfast, hiked around Red Rock Canyon, off-roaded to find "Burro" Schmidt's tunnel (some detours were had accidentally), and clambered throughout fossil falls.

Much jumping photos were taken.

Flying high on the red rocks.

We three hat-wearing adventurers...

The walls in "Burro" Schmidt's cabin were lined with... uhhh... garbage. But nifty garbage from the 1920's through the 1950's!

Jumping over Saltdale on the other side of Burro Schmidt's tunnel.

Roaming up, over, under and through the water-carved rocks at Fossil Falls.


Dawn said...

Oh wow, that is my new favourite tandem jumping photo!

gnat said...

...there's just something about that view on the other end of Burro Schmidt's tunnel...

Kilometres said...

Good thing there was a shortcut made by a crazy person!

Good choice of highlight photos! I'm so impressed with how fast you got them all up!