Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friends in "high" places

Yesterday I went on the adventure of a lifetime. An early morning rise, and leaving a giant stack of exams on my floor, I ventured off with Fly Boy and his Bride to take a peek at the Kern Canyon from above.

We went in this darling '73 Cessna 182 that Fly Boy is 1/6 owner of, and it was such a wonderful smooth ride I wished I could be taking this back to Canada instead of the Boeing I will inevitably be in on Monday.

Here's Fly Boy, my flight instructor and pilot, at our breakfast stop at the Kernville Airport.

Did I say "flight instructor" above? Yes I did. Fly Boy casually handed off the yoke to me so slyly that I didn't even realize he was getting me to ACTUALLY FLY THE PLANE until he said "ok, so you've got control of the aircraft now".

This is one of my favourite photos from the flight. Here's looking into the Kern Valley on our approach.

This IS my favourite photo from the flight. The river is sparkly.


Lulu said...

Holy mother! You flew a plane!!! Sooooo jealous.

the taskmaster said...

Wow Gnat! That's fantastic!!

Anthony said...

wow looks like a lot of fun Nat!