Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Holiday Highlights

Kiki investigated the snow - he didn't seem all that excited about it.

This is an antique waffle iron. We used it to cook delicious, delicious waffles.

A brief but fun visit to "SK" was had.

I had made and gave to my mom an impossibly difficult puzzle...
...regardless, we completed it.

Kiki gets a hand knit sweater for xmas from Lulu. He is not as pleased with it as we are.

The allergic one and the allergen have a nap.

Becky and I purchased plane tickets, celebrated, and drew a cover for the journal we intend to team write on our trip to Italy.


Lulu said...

LOVE the photo of Daddy and Kiki. They look so cute together, they should hang out more.

gnat said...


Kilometres said...

I also really liked the picture of Papa and the Lion.

And what was this visit to SK? I'm lost...

gnat said...

heh... SK = st kitts