Sunday, March 23, 2008

Moules Frites

To cap a week of generous eating, the Extreme Chef had a gathering for a fabled Quebec feast known as "Moules Frites". We did our best to copy it despite never having actually seen or eaten it before. I contributed the frites.

A little greenery to start things off...

...and olives

the frites, with leek soup instead of salt on them

the green curry moules

crusty garlic bread alongside the chorizo moules


Kilometres said...

Neat idea for the fries.

When you make your fries, do you spray them with olive oil and then broil cook them. I recall your fries were amazing, but can never repeat them... :(

gnat said...

oh my fries are bad, very very bad!
I double fry them in boiling oil... yup, no broiling in site!