Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tour de Fat

Continuing an annual tradition (this is the second year), I picked up BEG from Stanford and we went through San Francisco on our way to another adventure. This year's adventure was to be mostly relaxing due to the broken leg BEG was sporting. This was fine with both of us. After a rendezvous with Queen's Geo friends over a late great dinner, we hit the road for Truckee and Donner Lake. Donner as in the family that is known for cannibalizing themselves and the Native American guides who were sent to help them. It seemed a good place to go.

Besides taking care of things at Beer O'Clock and Beer Thirty, our first adventure was to head out to the lake early and see how I'd fare on water skis after having only ever done it once, many many many years ago. The first part was getting me in the water - between nerves and giggle fits I seemed to have a really hard time with just getting in the damn lake. FINALLY I got in, and the water really wasn't bad at all.

Amazingly I got up on the first try, and managed to hang on, balance and ski for 2.5 miles before I finally had the nerve to try a wake jump - as I felt my arms were giving out anyway... I made it! I tried another... I nearly made it - and then I was done. I tried to get up again, but my body had somehow turned into jell-o, so I had to call it quits. I spent a large amount of time screaming while skiing, and consequently have had a bit of a sore throat...
We headed in for a great breakfast, showers, and then set off for the Tour de Fat (and here) in town. This is a big bike and beer fest, and was a total blast. I managed to entertain BEG by trying out several funny bikes - check out the video below for a taste! And we bought fun bike fest goodies, had a beer, and enjoyed a really fun band: Paper Bird.

Crazy bikes! The three wheeled unicycle had been making me dizzy to start... then the shoe bike was really uncomfortable (and had no brakes) - the giant orange one with all the wheels had quite a bit of resistance for pedaling... they were all hilarious!

BEG exhibiting the hilariousness of it all.

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