Saturday, September 12, 2009


I had this idea some time ago to make a modular wine rack out of fabric. This morning I messed around with some felt and constructed a couple drafts of it. One idea is a series of triples like this that can be placed side by side and then stacked. The other idea is rows that stack into a pyramid, a 4 bottle row, 3 bottle row, etc. I like the triple better myself.

And while I'm on here with photos, here's a kitten update: Loki is ridiculously hyper and the rest of his food energy seems to go into growing a giant tail so he's pretty skinny still, but he's catching up to Kiki in length surprisingly quickly.


Missy said...

Neato Wine rack!
It's funny because we usually only have one bottle of wine in our house but right now there are three and a few mini Barefoot's.
We actually need a wine rack with all the wine we are accumulating.

P.S. Can't wait for tonight's bout!

Heather said...

So what happens to the 'rack' when you remove the middle bottle?

And I think someone needs to break it to you that Loki is part squirrel. You're harbouring a mutant, Nat.

gnat said...

if you remove one, then it just sits as two bottles connected, and the empty slot flattens out :)

P.S. my mutant set a devious trap this morning... he needs to be watched!