Tuesday, January 12, 2010

manipulating the magnetic pole??? nice!!!

Well, a new semester begins, and with it comes a brand new challenge: cleaning up the lab room of the oddities that it has acquired over the last 50 years in order to create a semblance of order and make room for students, new lab materials, etc.

Today one of my faithful geo student helpers found this Life Magazine article from 1952 about the moving rocks in Death Valley. Pay attention to the middle column, it's brilliant.

Meanwhile the 2nd page of the article was also pretty entertaining, but admittedly the rock tied down with a peg and string was nothing to the high-waist tighty-whitey themed ad next to it.

The pages were torn and taped and I had to creatively scan it in bits and pieces, but hopefully all the goodness comes through!!!


Heather said...

I'm hoping this is now framed and in your apartment somewhere?
If not, I want it!

Kilometres said...

So strange that I couldn't find the link to this on your blog. I thought it odd that you'd post a note and it not be on your blog...

Those crazy Russians! I knew their research into the dark arts was going to cost America!

But for reals, do you have any explanation for this other than wind? I was watching a docu recently and they brought these rocks up again and it was decided that there is still no known explanation. Hooray for mysteries!

Also, did you notice how high up those underoos are pulled on those dudes!? That's not comfort at all!

gnat said...

Heather- this is so yours!

KM - yeah, it's still a bit of a mystery, the wind people are definitely in the lead, but it's less of a "mud slide" than an "ice slide" hypothesis now.

Re underoos - GAH!