Sunday, August 28, 2011

my other backyard

While there is quite a wilderness in my actual backyard, my neighbourhood backyard has a lot to offer as well. Just a short drive northeast of campus brings you to the Mt Naomi Wilderness. On Friday all the new geo grads went on a field trip to the High Creek area and looked at Gilbert deltas then hiked/scrambled up to some Cambrian carbonates and shales and found teeny-tiny trilobites. Then on Saturday, my roomie and another new grad and I went for an 11.5 mile hike up Mt Beirdneau, along the ridgeline, and down Green Canyon.

Gilbert delta. I'm being immersed in soft rock geology now!

Super small trilobites! 0.9cm long!

View looking down into Green Canyon (aptly named)

Where the trail vanished, we found an airplane wreckage, and commenced bushwhacking. I think I'll be asking for a scythe for xmas...

Surprise! Mama moose! Moose baby! Moose??? YES! Moose! Awesome.

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