Monday, October 24, 2011

Catch up 3: Podcasts about canyons and then rafting them.

Field work officially began last week, and my labmate (let's call him OSL) and I took off for the Moab area to do some scouting before our adviser joined us. The first thing we did was score a super sweet base camp location and important supplies.

Image of super sweet base camp location and important supplies.

Our adviser arrived with our field vehicle, and we got set to start sampling. Rough life, eh? Well actually, trying to "steer" that thing is not what one would expect. Especially considering one (me) began rowing 2 decades ago. Let me just clarify for you, this inflatable rubber thing is not svelt like a rowing shell, and those oars are not sleek and lightweight. But I digress.

One could have a worse field area to sample in.

One's challenges could be worse than finding a living tree to dock at.

A conveniently located outcrop of Cutler formation on the river's edge... now where did I put that GPS?

This one is not griping.

Wildlife bums.

Related only because of canyons and things, I had a podcasting assignment for my media tools class, and that resulted in this. It's not any of the following: good, complete, interesting. But I'm sharing it with you anyway.

P.S. I oared that raft over 2 sets of rapids and only got stuck on one rock and no one died and nothing/no one went overboard and lots of stuff/labmates/advisers got wet.

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Missy said...

I'll bet it's nice to have new scenery for your geo adventures! Wildlife bums... Much better than Bakersfield wildlife bums.