Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Goodbye 2011

In a last ditch effort to shove one backpacking expedition into the year 2011, I insisted on carrying my gear in to the cabin on skis despite the availability of a friend with a snowmobile and cargo sled. 4 of us went in to the mountains to have a peaceful and rustic New Years eve at "Doc Daniel's" cabin, built for USU forestry studies back in the 50's, and generally not used to its charming potential. We had gorgeous sun, and mostly nice snow (a bit of nasty ice in places), a lovely wood stove fire, and lots of tasty treats. It's really nice to shrug off the last remnants of my BC years and know that not one single part of 2012 will involve dealing with those particular administrators. Even though that's all part of the Gregorian calendar we currently abide by, it's still feels like a bit of closure somehow...

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