Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things you don't expect to read in a paper...

So I'm casually reading this paper that discusses the prototype and implementation of a system of "SpaceTags", which are this sort of set of digital objects, time and space limited, overlaid onto a real-world place. Difficult to explain, sorry. You can read it yourself if you wish, it's not long (reference below). Anyway, there I am, casually reading, when I see this:

I read it a few more times... yup, definitely suggesting that this application can be used to solicit sex from strangers. WTF?

Then later I saw this figure, which is definitely not the most illustrative figure I've ever seen, but moreso, they are using a spastic raptor and a lion to lend symbology to these SpaceTags. WEIRD.

Tarumi, H., Morishita, K., Ito, Y., & Kambayashi, Y. (2000). Communication through virtual active objects overlaid onto the real world. Paper presented at the International Conference on Virtual Environments

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