Thursday, June 22, 2006

Addendum to post below:

Firstly; what is this? Please, let me know, I'd like to hear YOUR take on the blue pig vehicle.

Secondly; as the three of us sat somewhat defeated by the gushing swollen "creek", Pringles picked up a piece of skree:

"Schist" he said, as a comment on the situation we found ourselves in.
I retorted with "I suppose we didn't have a gneiss day after all."
Rockbuddy Rich pointed out, however, that "we shouldn't take it for granite though."

It's great fun being a rock nerd at the best of times.


Jakesdad said...

I think it is the newest in Anti-Marmotted technology. Before they became extinct, the Giantus Blue Piggus was a feared predator of the Marmot.

Great rock puns by the way. It reminded me why Sedimentary geology is so much less nerdillacius.

Hard rock geology is for Imbasalts......

Anonymous said...

the big blue styrofoam pig is clearly humping the old beater..confused and trying to reproduce...sad really...
blaine-0 (HI Gnat!)

Kilometres said...


Your reference to marmots just about made me explode with happy.

Cheers to anyone who can realize the comedic stylings that marmot jokes have to offer.

I remain in awe of you...