Thursday, June 22, 2006

Last minute romping

I like deer.

The second "creek" we were to ford... no scale makes this difficult to imagine I think. But know that this water is deep and that this "creek" is too wide to jump.

A side view of the "creek" to cross... gives a better idea I think.

Speaking of jumping... since no crossing was to be had - jumping photo-op occurred instead.

Being me, and due to some scheduling difficulties, Pringles (new to the blog), Rockbuddy Rich, and I trekked up to Mineral King for some exploration that got cut short due to snow melt causing one of the creeks we had to ford to turn into a raging waterfall (see photo above- aieeeeee!). We saw beautiful blue sky, snow capped mountains, deer, marmots (see below), water falls (that we didn't have to cross) and enjoyed it not being 106oF up at that elevation. Couldn't be much of a better way to spend the day before I take off for Costa Rica. Although packing may have been more productive...


Kilometres said...

Packing be damned! Adventuring always wins out. Thank you for realizing this.

gnat said...

I do what I can!