Thursday, February 15, 2007

bowling bowling bowling

Irish Girl and I are bowling together this semester, and while trying to come up with a team name/logo - we figured that of the two things we have most in common (shrimp allergy and mad sewing skillz), sewing was the theme to work with.

And thus, the name "Pins N Needles" was born. And, after several hours of not working on work related things, (instead working on photoshop and drawing on paper) our logo was also born:


Kilometres said...

Uhm, that's awesome!

I feel like you just made up a Threadless shirt. If only the bowling pin had a worried face, I would swear I was looking at a Threadless shirt. As it is though that's about the best dadgummed bowling logo I've seen!

Well done!

gnat said...

thank you thank you...
yes, we are awesome!