Monday, June 04, 2007

Meatfest: wine tasting goes deliciously awry

For a VERY belated birthday (Emarathoner) we scooted over to the coast to try out a few wineries and eat dinner at a restaurant her parents had given her a gift certificate for.

making a purchase at Robert Hall

Hot Hands makes his "I want a nap" face at Garretson

This awesome (and cute) goat licks his leg at Lone Madrone

The 5 of us after we had stuffed ourselves silly on dinner at Villa Creek (main courses featured below, for appetizers, deserts and cappucino you'll have to ask!)

Emarathoner de-vegetarianized herself for the evening in order to eat ANTELOPE with rosemary pesto.

Texas Gal experienced buffalo for the first time, and finally realized what she had been missing.

Extreme Chef had natural veal, which tasted like cow, because natural veal is baby cow that is allowed to live like a cow rather than like a veal in a box with a milk spout to drink from.

Hot Hands had salmon, which was a difficult thing for me to pass up - especially when it is topped with avocado and resting upon more deliciousness.

And I had pan-seared Ahi tuna, which was as good as expected - and I happily tasted everyone else's meals too. Actually, we all tasted everyone else's meals.

And of course the best part! The bill! Ack! Can you believe it???

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Kilometres said...

I'm not sure whether your tuna was good or not. I would expect it to be good. Would I be right?

And, is it me or are the meat portions HUGE?