Thursday, June 21, 2007

say WHAT now?

I received the following e-mail regarding my place of work:

Subject: Mosquito Tests Positive for West Nile Virus

Recently, the Kern Mosquito and Vector Control District has been conducting tests as part of their yearly West Nile Virus investigative process. The first positive tests have come back, and include Bakersfield College as a location with a positive mosquito collection. Over the last three years, West Nile Virus has been pervasive throughout Bakersfield, in areas from I-5 to Fairfax.

Bakersfield College has been in contact with the Kern Mosquito and Vector Control District (KMVCD) about these positive tests, and the KMVCD has the following recommendations, which are standard for all Kern County residents in light of the prevalence of West Nile Virus in Kern County.

  • In the daytime, there is no risk due to the heat.
  • In the early morning and at dusk, the KMVCD recommends the use of long sleeved shirts and pants.
  • In the early morning and at dusk, the KMVCD recommends the use of mosquito repellents such as Deet, Picaridin or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

Bakersfield College is one of nine locations with positive tests:

  • Coles Levee Road and Taft Highway
  • Cottonwood Road and Panama Lane
  • Highway 99 and Belle Terrace
  • White Lane and Gosford Road
  • 3rd and H streets
  • Kern County Fairgrounds
  • Virginia and Mt. Vernon avenues
  • Niles Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue
  • Bakersfield College Picture (Metafile) Picture (Metafile)

Areas with a prevalence of standing water are most at-risk of mosquito breeding grounds. More information on West Nile Virus can be found online at

Super fabulous.

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Kilometres said...

What's the big deal? A little West Nile never killed anybody right?