Saturday, September 27, 2008

Possums & Angular Unconformities

A relatively overcast day for a field trip - but the cool breeze and the humidity were a welcome change in my opinion. This field trip went to Morro Bay and Montana de Oro and explored plate tectonics, fog, the rock cycle, possums, structures and erosion. It was a blast - as usual!

Here's a brilliant angular unconformity, rather like Hutton's famous Scottish outcrop (only this one is conveniently in California). The shot also shows an erosional sea cave (and fog - of which there was plenty).

Some mascots were acquired on this trip. Darn, why can I not resist puppets? The mama/baby (velcroed together) possum duo found their way onto my hand before lunch, and hung out all day learning geology and teaching strike and dip. In this particular photo mama possum is pondering the potential enemy of sea anemones. I'm certain that you readers will help me name them.


gnat said...

While she didn't post here, I think Kylie's clearly won with "Strike and Dip"

Kilometres said...

Good detail on the fog. I liked that you pointed that out.

I don't know what Strike and Dip is. Care to elaborate?

Possoms contemplating the enemies of sea anemones! Too funny. I haven't a sniff why they would know that.

Oh, and I think the possums should become regular features on geological trips. They should have hand knit rock hammers, possibly hard hats, and they should appear in as many photos as possible.

Just my two cents.

Kilometres said...

I still haven't seen any possum themed Geology photos... what gives?