Monday, October 13, 2008


To limit my "rant" on the US voting situation this fall, there is one particular anti-Obama argument that is really irking me. That is "he lacks experience".

I have two thoughts that I would like to address this with:
  1. If you look at the combo Prez/VP "teams" that will be in competition this November, there is no doubt in my mind that the Obama team has more cumulative "experience" than just about anyone paired with Palin, be they the experienced McCain or otherwise.
  2. If no one gave anyone with potential who was lacking in experience a chance, then where would we be? How does one get experience? When you graduate and look for a great job in your field, do you not want your hard work, ideas, enthusiasm and motivation to be recognized and for your dream employer to give you a chance? My current employer hired me on virtually no experience, and (not to sound egotistical) in under 4 years I've made a noticeable impact here. I would hope that those who judge Obama's lack of experience do so with an open mind and their own futures in mind, and not simply the blind regurgitation of the grey-haired "good ol' boys" that seem to always be running the show.


Josh and Heather said...

Obama said it best. Experience is often seen as a surrogate for judgment. But we all know that many of those with 'experience' in politics are sorely lacking in that judgment. Obama has nicely demonstrated wise judgment over the past two years, and before.

Obama will win. The republicans are a very very sad team this year... what a mess.


Kilometres said...

Running the show poorly I might add.

And here I thought that the real reason people weren't voting for Obama was because he was the Anti-christ. Have any of your students said this aloud to you yet?