Sunday, October 26, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This year the homecoming theme was "Red Carpet Renegades" - which I guess meant "Hollywood" (our mascot is the Renegade).

The new Geology Club felt that participation in homecoming by building a float would be a great way to try to win some prize money. I agreed, and we won "Best in Spirit" (partly because I think we were the only ones to use the entirety of the theme - both Hollywood AND Bakersfield College)! Our float was built entirely out of recycled materials (we had no budget) - and our message was:

Our idea was to build Grauman's Chinese Theater, we used tin cans for the roof shingles, cardboard for mostly everything else and built a turbine out of water bottles in the Hollywood Hills. The palm tree was build out of cardboard and green plastic bottles and bags. In addition, the Hollywood starlets wore dresses they made out of plastic bags and magazines, and the paparazzi wore ties made of the same materials.

The Engineers Club waited more or less to the last minute this year, and for some reason were fixated on building a Gladiator-themed float...

The Agriculture Club had a very clever play on Hollywood with their "Hoggywood" float, and won a prize also.

The Intercultural Students played off the theme by doing "Around the World in 80 Days", but they waited to late, and their backdrop that showed the theme didn't get completed.
Now the Geology Club has some money in the bank to do something with! Woohoo for prize money!

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Kilometres said...

Wow Viet Nam looks pissed that the backdrop is there. I'd hate to be in her way later!

The palm trees are super impressive. Well done! And way to win some green for encouraging people to go green.