Monday, October 26, 2009

Roller Derby!

You asked for it, and I can finally deliver. What follows are a few summary shots of our bout against "Atomic Assault" (from Fresno) on Saturday night. Our team, the Diamond Divas, won 106-64 (check out our website to learn more about the team and the game). More photos are here.

some action - our pack dominating the front line

the VIP seat (couch that we raffled) seeing some action and losing their drinks... pile ups are frequent, but this is definitely the funniest we've had

this is definitely a penalty... you are NOT allowed to bear hug in derby

the jammers jamming - our Devious Darling on the way to score some points

speaking of names, here's me: "Canadian Crusher" - note my appropriate number

the requisite booty shot - what really draws the crowds in...

one of the funniest names on our team: Dutch Dynamite "kiss my tulips" hahaha!

proof that I was actually in the action

Atomic Assault and Diamond Divas, all done, sweaty and about to go to the after party


Missy said...

Awesome! I've said it a hundred times but I'm still bummed we missed it :(
Looks like bout was a lot more exciting than the last one and hopefully there weren't as many injuries!

Kilometres said...

Hooray! Those shots were awesome. I wish I could zoom closer to see your determined face, but I'll make do.

At last derby photos!!

Incidentally, was that score a blowout. As I know next to nothing (but I do know what a jammer is!) I don't know what kind of scores are respectable.

Kilometres said...

Also, 49 is about the best sports number for a Canadian I've ever seen