Saturday, October 24, 2009

You never knew that you wanted to do this. Now you're jealous!

The geology club has been working on their float out at a cotton gin in Buttonwillow. Yesterday, during some downtime waiting for papier mache to dry, we eyed this:

The Mt. Shasta of cotton seeds.

And then climbed it. Not unlike Mt Shasta, climbing up a 45 + degree slope of softness makes each step sink in and down. Unlike Mt Shasta, it's much shorter.

Regardless, it still took quite some effort to get to the top (not that that meant we didn't climb up more than once...)

From the top, the obvious thing to do was to use a scrap of cardboard as a sled and slide straight down, as illustrated below:

Since we were unprepared for such fun to occur, the photos and video are all cell phone captures (now THIS is how cell phones are useful!!!) and thus, not the greatest quality...

One extra strength antihistamine later, I slept like a giant allergy-infested, leg-fatigued log - and am wondering a little how this might affect my game in roller derby tonight...

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Missy said...

Looks fun BUT I'm sure my allergies would just love it if I took a dive into that!