Saturday, January 29, 2011

Santa Barbara = friends & whales

This weekend, where I am currently, I came to Santa Barbara to visit BEG and the Spaniard, who are hosting their annual Beers of the World (more on that to come) celebration. We started the visit with frisbee on the beach where we found a giant macaroni shell pile. It threatened to start being stinky later, so it got to stay behind.

macaroni shell pile

watching the sun setting on the beach was pretty nice too, but then we had to bike home without lights and it was quite a bit chillier without the sun too

then we went whale watching out near Santa Cruz Island - with the assistance of LOADS of ginger and standing at the front of the boat we managed to fend off motion sickness (and drowsiness) - where we saw plenty of Risso's dolphins

Santa Cruz Island

we also saw this one Gray Whale, and the spouts of a few others - these things are NOT easy to take pictures of, especially in the "medium" chop the captain kept warning us about

more Santa Cruz Island, I have the inescapable urge to backpack on this bad boy

Painted Cave, a super long (nearly a 1/4 mile) sea cave in Santa Cruz Island, named for the colours of rocks, algae, lichen, etc.

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