Monday, August 20, 2012

Update: Thelma's Cottage

Well, due to the poor economy & housing market in Utah at the moment, I bit the bullet and bought a tiny little house. It's barely over 800 sq. ft. but is cute as a button. I'm still working on storage solutions for organization with only 2 closets and only one tiny wall of kitchen cabinets, but it's coming along and certainly feels like home.

Left side top (L-R): kitchen looking into bedroom & bathroom, kitchen.
Left side middle (L-R): apple trees in tiny backyard, chickens under their coop.
Left side bottom (L-R): apocalypse water supply etc. in crawl space that I'm working on getting rid of each recycling week, front door.
Right side (clockwise from bottom left): side of house (incl. drive and back door), laundry cubby, kitchen as seen from living room, living room "library", living room/office.
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Heather and Josh said...

Suuuper cute. And plenty of room, although I see the problem in the kitchen- no room to chop a zucchini! So, give us the dirt on Thelma.

gnat said...

Oh yeah - I had meant to include something about "Thelma"! Haha!! Ok, so there's some myth and intrigue with this little place, and that involves the neighbouring properties. Directly out back is a basketball court that is in extreme disrepair and that the neighbour had bought originally with this cottage and his huge mansion, but the title company couldn't get a title for a 6x12 spot within that chunk of land, as there was no record of previous ownership as far back as the records went. The neighbour, who is quirky to say the least, got a diviner to come out and survey the basketball court. Yes, a diviner. With divining rods. The diviner (so says the neighbour) slowly walked around with his rods until he came to a spot (THE spot, as my neighbour had the plat map and could check) and said "there's a lady named Thelma buried here". My neighbour looked into family records, his home and my cottage having been built in 1913 by one Marriner Eccles, and found that there was a relation named Thelma from that time and place, with no record of death... OoooeeeeeeEEEEEEOOOOoooooooooo :)

Anonymous said...

A house! I love it! And...chickens? Make sure they don't dig up Thelma..... eeeeeek!

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