Monday, September 10, 2012


At long last I made it to Graceland. Granted, it was something I always *kinda* wanted to see, but just figured I wouldn't. Circumstances planted it clear in my path and I was NOT going to pass up the opportunity. Of the 500 or so photos I took of everything, here's my Elvis synopsis.
1. Sun Studio. This is that oh-so-famous landmark where "rock n' roll was born", aka where Elvis recorded a couple of songs for his mama's birthday, one of which was "That's alright (mama)" that launched his career. Yes, this was a drive-by-shooting... time!
2. The record that came from (1)

3. Graceland is actually on the National Record of Historic Places?!? Who knew? I did not.

4. The basement den in Graceland, and kinda my favourite room. Look at the monkey! He had his "taking care of business" lightning bolt mural, his monkey, 3 TVs (one tuned to each of the 3 available stations), record-playing equipment and a bar. Considering he didn't drink, this is a testament to his party-hosting abilities, right? ;)

5. One of many halls/rooms/walls of gold & platinum records. I really had no idea just how many there really were that he produced. It's kinda mindblowing.

6. One of several framed evidences of his charity. These are all checks, all made out on the same day, all of equal amounts, to many many many charities he gave to. He also bought poor people houses and paid off other people's loans.

7. He also served his mandatory tour of duty. And then played a soldier in the movies (can you see the poster reflected in the glass? G.I. Blues). 
8. His most surprising of vehicles from the automobile museum. Among all the fancy Lincolns and Cadillacs and things, there was also this pink stripey Jeep Willis. Yup.

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