Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Cat Cage

After over 2 months of Kiki happily hanging out on the edge of the patio wall, he finally jumped. He had never shown any inclination to escape this way previously, and the one day he got up the guts and bailed. Of course he did this at night, so I was left peering around the bushes in my PJs with a flashlight trying to locate the renegade kitty. Luckily (?) for me, a group of teenage boys had seen him and directed me to where he had gone. Not surprisingly this was in the direction of traffic.
For a solution, my brilliant mother suggested I put chicken wire over the top of my patio so that my plants still get sun and rain (when there is rain) but effectively trapping the cat. I did it, it worked, the cat is now caged in. Naturally he paced and meowed at the caging hoping that by being loud it might go away, whatever this new trapping this was.
All was well until I stupidly left the upstairs patio door open. While in the earlier set up of no chicken wire, the upstairs patio was an easy one for me to leave open, the worst that would happen is that Kiki would hop up on the edge and precariously wander over to Karen's patio next door. The jump down from there was WAY too much. Until now. Now I have unwittingly set up a safety net over the downstairs patio. A safety net made of chicken wire. You can imagine my surprise to see the cat ON TOP of the chicken wire with the downstairs patio door closed. How on earth???? I wondered?????
The other photos are pretty flowers from around the apartment complex. I took these today on my way to doing laundry. It's kinda cool to see flowers still bright and pretty in November!


Heather said...

Yeah, my roses and lavender are still going gung-ho. Had the first thick frost this morning, though. That might slow em down.
Can you grow your own avocados? Apparently it's easy?!

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose Kiki somehow magically absorbed some amazing Spider Powers from his Halloween costume and crawled down the wall instead of jumping? We may never know. Unless a giant web with a bunch of Sparrows stuck in it shows up on your patio.

Kilometres said...

Maybe Kiki thinks that the chicken wire IS his spider-cat web. He was probably just patrolling the perimeter for tasty treats caught in what he no doubt thought was his cleverly laid trap. That cat'll take credit for anything!

gnat said...

Heh heh... yes, Kiki would probably claim the chicken wire as magical spider-cat web, I hope I don't come across a bunch of dead sparrows caught in it though. Yuck!
My figs (extraordinarily late) are now starting to ripen. Correction: ONE of my figs is now starting to ripen, it is turning a lovely golden brown colour and getting soft! Hooray! My avocado tree however, decided it would bear me no fruit. Perhaps next year.

cat boarding cage said...

That was a good and effective style. At least now the cat was cage-in. Your flowers and plants now are pretty safe against your cat.