Sunday, December 18, 2005

'Tis the season...

I put up my tree. Then, without planning, ended up finding ornaments that I actually liked, purchased them and decorated. The question then is, how many dinosaurs can you fit in a 1 foot tree?


Kilometres said...

ooh OH! *raiese hand*

Is the answer four? I guess four.

Kilometres said...

On another note, I want a dinosaur themed tree! You have all the best ideas Gnat. Perhaps you should stop being such a good idea hog and share some of them with other people. Sheesh! I've never met someone who doesn't share good ideas more!

Happy Holidays by the way!

jakesdad said...

So much for the worldwide Irridium Layer/Giant Asteroid collision causing extinction theory.

Over-Harvesting for Xmas Tree decorations.....who knew?

Have a great Xmas Nat!

PS: Are they Chocolate by chance?