Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mad Creativeness or Creative Madness?

I found on knitty this pattern for knitting sandals. I thought it was great, and definitely worth a try (with modifications of course...)

So here they are, I used hand-dyed natural yarn, so they are not even remotely the same colour, but they are great house/patio slippers - especially since I glued (contact cement) and sewed on a cork and leather sole.

The pattern is remarkably simple, I've already knit up a cabled top, and I've decided that making these out of canvas or leather would be significantly more practical. There is something to be said for the knitted insole though - COMFY!

I also decided that I was sick and tired of having tiger-print fleece draped over my couch. So... I sewed it into a slipcover. This is my first attempt at a slipcover, and I believe I have Kep to thank (see Kilometres for reference) for the upholstering experience. Using the old "drape, cut, pin and sew" method, the fit is perfect. However, the tiger-print insanity is a little much, even for me. And so... I drape across the back of it a brown fun-fur blanket to tone it down - HA! You can see that in the picture from my rearranged living space.

You can also see in the rearranging picture my nearly finished sweater (among other things) that would never have gotten finished if Make 1 in Calgary hadn't happened to have a couple balls of Bali in brown for me - since it was non existant EVERYWHERE else, including the internet. Oh beloved internet, this is the first time you have let me down! Of course, it was partially my fault for deciding to knit it with this yarn even though the Bake-town yarn store clearly didn't have enough in stock. Granted I can also blame the makers of the yarn for this crazy need to make seasonal colours. AND for being in Europe so that it's carried virtually nowhere. Well, I think that's enough pointless rambling for now.


Kilometres said...

I'm extremely impressed! It's such an amazing fit! It looks so much neater now too. Well done on the always being productive. You make me green with envy again.

Kilometres said...

As an addtional comment, yesterday I participated in an experiment in the MRI where I had to learn 12 faces that were "on my team" and 12 that weren't. Half the faces were black people and half the faces were white people. On my team were such people (that I named) as Steven Estevez, evil Will, sleepy Will, bald guy, Sirius Black, Little Joe, Euro Porn, and Carlos. On the other team were Magic Johnson, Wide eyes, Shifty, Pointy Chin, Is He Famous, Good Lookin' and Red Lips.

Why do I bring all this up? Well I'm glad you asked. It's because I was on one team known as the Tigers and the other team was known as the Leopards. Your couch pattern is very nearly a perfect cross between the colours and pattern for the Leopards and the Tigers. And I thought you'd like to know that.

...I wonder what part of my brain made me think you'd like to know that?