Thursday, August 03, 2006

Flying WestJet

Who wouldn't want to fly with people whose luggage tags read as follows:

"Don't fret, you'll be reunited with your bag soon enough, and we're going to take good care of the both of you. Imagine that little rush when you spy your luggage happily rounding the corner on the carousel. "It's got my name on it," you'll proudly say as you point to the tag. So, fill out this tag and make your reunion that much more enjoyable."

I, however, rounded the corner to the luggage carousel and promptly got a nosebleed. It was strange, funny, unexpected (when did I last have a nosebleed??????) and terribly inconvenient! The Calgary airport is full of dinosaurs, had I not been stuck with holding my bags AND tissue up my nose, I might have been able to operate a camera. Sadly, that did not happen.


Kilometres said...

Dear sweet Calgary Airport. How strange is it there? I remember having to have a layover there for a couple of hours when flying back east from Saskatchewan.

Cause that makes sense.

That's about the time I stopped flying with Westjet. If I have to pay less to fly more, I don't get your companies logic. Sure you are funny on the plane, but it's just not doing it for me.

Sorry WestJet, we can't all love you.

gnat said...

Fly El Al once and you'll love West Jet all over again!