Sunday, January 14, 2007

How to use chopsticks

We went out for Korean food to "celebrate" the Extreme Chef's birthday. Food was delicious, service was... interesting... and the best part of all was the little paper wrapper that the chopsticks came in. (The chopsticks felt the need to play "wishbone" and split not even remotely close to center, by the way.)

The chopstick wrapper illustrated how to use chopsticks if you have extraneous digits, too few digits, or perhaps a lobster claw, depending on which part of the illustration you are examining. We also weren't sure what we were picking up with the chopsticks: a coin? a paper towel roll?

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Kilometres said...

Did you also notice that the correct use of chopsticks requires leaving the chopsticks attached until the very end-step whereby you must - I'm guessing here - pry them apart with your hand that you transform (perhaps with spells not listed?) into a lobster claw to grab the tiny circle of... uh... chicken? It must be chicken.