Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ohhhh, California

I received this e-mail today.

Subject: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Possible Inclement Weather

Date: January 10, 2007

To: All Bakersfield College and District Office Employees

From: G*** C**********, Associate Chancellor, Educational Services

At the present time, national and local weather forecasters are predicting noticeable amounts of snowfall within the Bakersfield community overnight and on the morning of Friday, January 12, 2007. In order to alleviate some of the potential problems encountered during the 1999 heavy snowfall, administration will evaluate the situation early Friday and issue a decision regarding closure of Bakersfield College and the District Office.

If a decision is made to close Bakersfield College and the District Office, the information will be given to the local media (radio and television) for publication. A notice will also be posted at the Bakersfield College and District websites. In addition to checking these resources before coming to work on Friday, personnel are strongly encouraged to call the telephone numbers below to determine if a snow closure notice exists.

Bakersfield College 395-****
Kern Community College District Office 336-****

If a snow closure is determined at your job site, please do not come to work!

Thank you.

Granted, it has been reaching around freezing at night, however, I highly doubt the likelihood that we could get enough snow to actually last during the day and cause problems. Well, if there were Canadians driving around Bakersfield that is...


Kilometres said...

Why does this post have no comments!? I mean come ON people!

Where's the fierce Canadian prideful boasting about how we can handle anything that weather can throw at us and that Americans are wimpy and "weather ignorant"?!

Anyway, I enjoyed this very much and it made me laugh pretty hard. For crazy emails I've received for being a teacher, please see my blog in the future...

Kilometres said...



INCLEMENT weather?! That's too much!

gnat said...

Ahhh, FINALLY someone gets it!!!