Saturday, May 19, 2007


Yesterday Texas Gal, Emarathoner and I scuttled off to the coast (San Luis Obispo) for that wedding we (I) made the quilt for.

We stayed at the Vagabond Inn, which had this super map on the back of the door. Please note the geological aspect of it (at the top).

In the morning, on the way to the ceremony, we stopped at the Farmer's Market to get a snack to stave off hunger before we would see food at the reception. Here I saw the awesomest of parking spots! Wheee!!!

The three of us upon arriving to the vineyard where the ceremony was held. (I, the short one, was the only one NOT in heels... *sigh* - of course, I was also one of few who had no desire to remove my shoes due to discomfort)

Having just been "pronounced" - the happy couple go skipping off to sign multitudes of forms.

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