Saturday, February 23, 2008

Driving across the fault

I know I've been here a million times before, but it's always great fun bringing someone to Parkfield for their first time. This time I got a photo of me above the fault (on a doomy gloomy rainy day). This was a pretty nice day actually, not weather-wise, I drove a road I'd never driven before and followed the fault trace from the Carrizo Plain all the way up to Parkfield. Awesome slumping action all the way.

The purpose of this trip was actually to plan a new route for my next "short day" field trip for my geology students. They're going to love this. I love turning people into rock nerds. My route is sort of the light blue line on the map below.

Meanwhile I am discovering another thing that my college students managed not to learn at some point before graduating high school: what a flow chart is. Eek.

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