Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dead Darwin!

Well today, Feb 12, is (was) Darwin's birthday - among other very important people such as Lincoln and Hilary - so last Saturday I felt the need to celebrate it. I did this prior to knowing that I'd be suffering the beginning symptoms of the flu. Oh well, it was good anyway.

Extreme Chef was responsible for the legged fish appetizer of course! Yum!

The rest of the feast was ethnically inspired (we could say evolution brought it together) - and included tourtiere, pilaf, mediterranean salad, butternut squash with hazelnuts, carrots (ok - those two are pretty standard foods globally), and for dessert, brownies and crepes!

Try as we might to not do this, discussing politics at work always seems to come up... Note Kiki's level of engagement in this conversation.

Note in this photo: 1) Kiki trying to get attention in his sweater, 2) delicious crepe with yogurt and apple that I am about to eat, 3) how flush I am with fever at the moment (no, not dying, can continue to celebrate!)

The Crepe masters - bringing skills and all the equipment with them wherever they go!

Thanks for celebrating with me friends! And thanks for tolerating the obvious sickness I was trying to hide!


Anonymous said...

kiki is such a whore....

Heather said...

So, are all your friends now sick with the flu? Ahhh, sharing.
What's tourtiere?
Have you seen the game 'Darwin Hill'? Josh found it on http://www.experimentalgameplay.com/
I think you'll like it.
Oh, and I can't wait for a new knit by Nat. I'm toying with the idea of putting Justin in the yellow tulip booties, you know, gender-equity and all that. And of course he'll be wearing the pie hat. Thank you!