Monday, February 18, 2008

Long weekend in San Francisco

This weekend, a long weekend, and thus a weekend free of labs and/or field trips (yes, this semester I have Saturday labs) - I escaped the regular routine and went to visit Bird Nerd in San Francisco. Adventures were had, much work was accomplished on the train ride (thank you USA for having a train that take 2 hours LONGER to get somewhere than driving would), and much rest and relaxation was had as well.

This grainy photo, taken on my phone at night, is of the crookedest street ever: Lombard St. It's also up a 45 degree slope or something almost that absurd.

I lusted at the South End Rowing Club. Imagine rowing out towards Alcatraz in the mornings???

More delicious siphon coffee was enjoyed at the Blue Bottle Cafe. Watch the video! NYT crossword was also worked on. A perfect Sunday morning.

Famous offset point on the San Andreas Fault on Point Reyes. This fence was separated in one fell swoop by the massive earthquake that devastated San Francisco in 1906.

The beach had dead stuff on it. Lots and lots and lots of crabs and crab bits, only one seal. Of all the seals I could have seen, I was most disappointed this one was a carcass. (There was also a dead duck with mysteriously clipped wings and some other kind of dead bird, large, but essentially beyond recognition)

And, naturally, jumping occurred. (Limantour Spit on Point Reyes - cold and overcast, but really pretty much expected for the Pacific Coast in February...)


Dawn said...

You made it to Lombard St! Finally! The Italian food was not a deterrent this time!

gnat said...

no - but I did walk by Pomodoro and think of our waiters!!!

Kilometres said...

Siphoned coffee? How does that even work? What does it do to the taste?

gnat said...

Oh KM - it's the most amazing coffee EVER