Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Sur Marathon Relay

The closest I'll come to doing a marathon is in this format - the relay. This happened today. This way we are in teams, and only do a small chunk of the relay each, handing off an imaginary baton between each leg. A description accompanies the photo below (yes, I carried my camera with me while I ran) - lots of eventfulness occurred at this relay!

Clockwise from bottom left:
1)Peace drummers- among many interesting "side show" amusements including, but not limited to, jazz bands, brass quartets, highschool orchestras, pianists, duets, rock bands...
and (inset) cowbells.
2) One of the jazz bands
3) View near the beginning of my leg, runners in front, runners behind, hill ahead, sea to the left.
4) Topo profile of the course - I ran from the 17 mile mark (see runner symbol) to the end.
5) Relay finisher medal
6) One of the best views of the leg - soooo pretty
7) View of runners going up one of the many hills - this was (surprisingly) my strongest, keep the same pace on up, down and flat - you beat everyone on the up. They beat you everywhere else, but you still feel good about the hills!
8) Ocean
9) Trees
10) Strawberries! Best road-side addition, free delicious strawberries for the runners. YUM!
11) The majority of our group, we had 7 teams participating who trekked up from Bakersfield. I mostly kept track of all the people I saw from Canada during the run by seeing a maple leaf on some item of clothing and yelling "hey, Canada! Good job!". It was fun.


Smiley Kylie said...

Crazy ladies. Thats a lot of miles. You girls look like you had a lot of fun though. So thats all that matters. You go...

Cam said...

Good work Nat! I'm going to try to run a marathon on Sunday, wish me luck!!